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Choosing subjects for your microstock images is an important step. How could I have visibility among thousands of photographers ad millions of images?

You have a beautiful 'red rose' picture and you want to sell it in the microstock market... before try to see how many similar images are already in the stock agencies:

Dreamstime Search results: 26,823 images.

and then try the Rob Davis picniche.com tool for assessing the supply and demand of online stock photography images from microstock sites.

Here the likelihood of making a sale for a 'red rose' keyword phrase image:

PicNiche Rating (all): 0.93 (Rating < 10 is BAD)

If you have a stunning image maybe the chance of making a sale is higher, but generally it's better to find something else with more appeal for the buyers, find your NICHE photography.

Wood pellets for stoves, alternative energy related subject, is my niche. Here some numbers:

Dreamstime Search results: 31 images.

PicNiche Rating (all): 1560.60 (Rating > 100 is a NICHE) Awesome!! ;-)

My best seller wood pellets image at Dreamstime

Let me know if you have a winning niche or if you are "flower and mountain landscape" best seller photographers.

Photo credits: Roberto Marinello.

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Un saluto a Valeria e Giorgio 'Espolo'... grazie!


Very interesting tips! ;-)




Thanks all, much appreciated!


Thank you so munch for this info!"
this is a great tip.


Thanks for the tips
pic niche looks really helpful
thanks :D


Thanks for the tips!


Littledisire and Creativei, thanks for your attention


nice tip thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the tip! I'll try it! Hope to find my niche!


Ciao Marco,
grazie per il commento e in bocca al lupo per le tue foto "fashion"
Thanks for your comment and good luck for your fashion photos!


Hi, I'm from Italy, and very near to you: I'm from novara!
Anyway I like very much what you say, and I'm trying to specialize over shoes, socks, and fashion accessories.
I don't know if this can be successful, but it's the bet that counts...

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