Microstocks like an addiction

I sell my photos on several microstocks. Dreamstime is my best one because of a good interface, planty ways to get useful information and lot's of possibilities to meet and keep in touch with other photographers.

I had good and bad months with my sales but when it's just a matter of my hobby I feel great to be a part of that community and to get some profits out of it. Lately I noticed that the competition between photographers got so high. It makes us to produce better images, or put more suitable keywords. But still at the and of a day it makes us better.

I don't know if it's a common thing but I sometimes feel like addicted to be here. To check my sales, views, message boards. It is so strange cause even if I sell my picture at 0,25$ I feel a big pleasure that somebody has found my photo and decided to buy and use for his/her personal thing. Maybe it makes him feel pleasure and for me, even if ot's only 0,25, it's a real joy.

It's my first time blogging and I wish my English was better.

Greetings To All

Photo credits: Lukasz Tymszan.

Your article must be written in English



Language doesn't matter, what matters in intentions and feelings you are trying to convey.


Yes I am adicted, I check all of my sites at least three times a day. and when the computer is not available i go into panic mode.


That's so true. I'm constantly checking my sales. And your English is very good.

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