Milestone: 10 000 photos online!

Finally! The 10 000 photos milestone achieved! Since 9 000 photos online it took 7 month... and since I have posted the 1st photo ( July 2010) it was almost 7 years...

The 10 000th photo:

I think it

I took this photo in open-air museum in Wologai village on Flores in Indonesia. It

To this achievement was long way. From the 1st photo

to the 5 000th photo

it took more than 5 years. But the second half of my portfolio grew up much faster - in less than 2 years. So maybe I

Your article must be written in English

October 11, 2017


well done... need enormous passion to achieve this milestone

May 28, 2017


Photolee8: What I have submitted I track in my computer (I have sorted photos). What was accepted and what was rejected I keep just in Dreamstime.

Tgedwards: Unfortunately(?) not. It´s still just my hobby. But it makes some money to family finance :). And also it costs some...

Babar760: Latest photos I have in my portfolio are sold more than the older ones, except few photos that are already sold several times.

May 17, 2017


Hi Thorken, Great to hear that you have uploaded 10,000 images. Does this mean you are now making a full time living from Stock photography? At what point did it become viable? What would be the average monthly earnings? How many images would you estimate would have to be accepted for this to be a "real" job?

Thank you and all the best.

May 16, 2017


I agree with Babar760. I would slow down with uploads to see a better ratio of downloads per image. It is tempting to upload pictures though, and congrats, 10,000 uploads is a lot of work. Wish you more downloads.

May 16, 2017


How do you keep track of what you have submitted, what was excepted and what was not excepted . Do you use a computer program or an album

May 16, 2017


Don't chase the big number of photos, instead chase the photos sold. You have to reverse your ratio. Shoot less, sell more grasshopper! Be more selective.......

May 16, 2017


Congratulations!!! Great achievement... :)

May 16, 2017


That's quite an achievement and good to see how it's gone from starting and through to the latest photo.

May 15, 2017



May 15, 2017


Lovely images and big milestone congratulations!!

May 15, 2017



May 15, 2017


Thank you :)

May 15, 2017



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Photo credits: Petr Zamecnik.