Milestone - 250th Accepted Image

Just added my 250th image to my portfolio. Never forget your camera! I captured this yesterday while taking my dog for a walk.

Its name is Dogford Road. Folklore around these parts say that when it came time to give the old country lane a name the four farming families that lived on the road at the time came up with "Dogford" because they all drove Fords and had dogs.

The old road is seeing some wear and tear, its a favorite for bikers, joggers and the Dartmouth College X-country ski team. Hopefully the snow plows won't tear it to pieces this coming winter.

Been waiting for the foliage to crank up. I was watching and waiting for this one spectacular tree down the road to finish turning and then poof over night it dropped all of its leaves.


Photo credits: Peanutroaster.

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October 01, 2011



October 01, 2011



September 30, 2011


Love the shot. Great job.

September 30, 2011


Nice autumn road

September 30, 2011


Great image! Good advice!

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