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Sell number 50! My first sell of December also became sell number 50, hoping on great numbers in December now, have improving sales the last 5 months:

June = 0 sells

July = 1 sells

August = 4 sells

September = 8 sells

October = 11 sells

Novemer = 15 sells

According to this development I will get 18 or 19 sellss in December. :)'

50 sells was also my goal for the year so I made it with 30 days to go. Another goal for the year is 150 uploads. I currently have 135 so hopefully I will make that goal as well.

Below is my sell number 50.

Photo credits: Honkamaa.

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December 02, 2011


I wish you'll have more sales!!

December 02, 2011


Beautiful photo! Congratulations for your milestone! You are doing great and I wish you many many more sales!

December 02, 2011



December 02, 2011



December 02, 2011


Truly a beautiful image, very significant, good luck for your sales!!!

December 01, 2011


Congrats! Result may vary of course but it does appear that one need to get 100 uploads before they reach critical mass need for steady sales.

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