Milestone of 50 photos reached!! Exclusive or NOT?

Yes, Milestone of 50 photos reached!! Exclusive or NOT?

In less than a month, i reached the EXCLUSIVITY limit, and now here comes the Q: TO BE or NOT TO BE?

I have to admit that at the beginning before a month, I was excited to reach that limit and apply for exclusive contributor, also when i speak about exclusive i don't have any doubts about Dreamstime.

They are my FIRST CHOICE if i decide it.

Naked and shy

I know that the decision is mine, but because at DT i felt like "home" and that's because of you, my fellow contributors and your uplifting comments (

Photo credits: Saap585.
  • Saap585
Thank you for buying my images. If u want, leave me a comment about how and where my image will be used. Just to feed my ego and to promote your company through my clients page!

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April 03, 2012

@Irimaxim Saap585, thanks for advice!!!! Welcome :)


April 03, 2012

Saap585, thanks for advice!!!!


April 03, 2012

guys, please advise! If I already registered with another agency and I would like to apply for exclusive here should I leave other stocks or what?

I guess u have to delete your photos from other agencies, I did that. I was to 4-5 also but i deleted all from there and applied here. You can still sell your work (or your rejected from DT photos) at your website or at a photographer direct to a client basis BUT NOT through ANOTHER AGENCY.


April 03, 2012

guys, please advise! If I already registered with another agency and I would like to apply for exlusive here should I leave other stocks or what?


March 31, 2012

Goodmorning guys and girls from sunny Greece :)
Spring is on the air, colors are more saturated, perfect natural light for shooting outdoor projects !!!

I want to THANK YOU ALL for your opinions and reay heped me to decide. im not sure if this going to be the right one but why not? :)

I decided to go EXCLUSIVE and here is why. From your thoughts and my small research i noticed that the main thing that matters and is common is TIME. I have time to spend so i decided to spent it shooting than doing homework with words and uploading..

I thought that is more valuable to spend this time by improving myself and my technique and become better every time. for me its ok the uploading limits of DT. I wish and i have as my goal to get around 100 images/week. And even with the half of them accepted, its a nice number to have around 150-200 images / month in my portfolio AND with the help of DT and their exclusive features, i hope this will be a nice "package" to serve my work to the world.

So i applied for EXCLUSIVE!

Thank you for your opinions and your time which drove me to my decision.

Everything happens for a reason and that reason is always GOOD, even if we dont see it at the moment !!!

Thank you again and


March 30, 2012

I saw a great improvement being exclusive... If you don't have the time to be in other stock agencies.


March 30, 2012

Not bad :)


March 30, 2012

It's simply a business decision.

You make more money if you upload to all the stock sites. I'm exclusive because I don't have the time to devote to more than one site.


March 30, 2012

I decided to go exclusive here early on when having around 50 images in my portfolio. Prior to that I had tested out some of the other agencies as well as Dreamstime. I found sales to be better here so made the decision to become exclusive.

The decision can be a tough one to make but it depends upon what you want out of your microstock earnings. If it is a hobby for you and you are looking for an income to pay for the next holiday or keep adding to your camera equipment then go exclusive here for sure. However if you are looking to earn a living from it then you really need to be submitting and selling to all of the major agencies - and that can be time consuming.

OK, you are always going to have rejections but they can always be incorporated within a future image - they do not have to be just discarded! To me Dreamstime is quite tough on the images they accept but at the end of the day that leads to a better portfolio, a good name for the agency and subsequently better sales for you in my opinion.

You also have to keep uploading and increasing the size of your portfolio every month too and you should see the sales start to pick up momentum and grow. I have not been able to dedicate as much time as I would have liked to this over the time I have been here but with just around 280 images in my portfolio are now starting to see regular sales (most of the time daily).

I have no regrets about going exclusive here at all, but you need to consider what your goals are.

I hope this helps!

Graham :O)


March 30, 2012

@twindesign thank you for your thoughts and opinion my friend, indeed this a big QUESTION.] i did made my small research at google about that q BUT i would like to hear more about it from DT members like you.

thnx and... happy sales!


March 30, 2012

Go exclusive if you don't have the time to upload to all the big agency's. You will get higher ranking in the search results and much better commissions! I think (I have no experience on this but I did my research on Google) you need to upload to at least 2 or 3 more agency's to get more out of your images than with going exclusive here(?). (Wondering if people can tell me if this is true?) This will take allot of time and just focusing with one agency will give you more time to see what works here and work on that. But I might be wrong. This is just my experience. I like Dreamstime and it works fine for me. If you look at my sales keep in mind that I am only uploading since june 2011 not 2005. (I am a buyer also and registered in 2005.) The last 3 months gave me $109 average per month so sales are really going great lately. And I only just have 279 images online so no complaining about going exclusive here. Others might do much better on different agency's. I would also like to hear more experiences from others so I will follow this. But if you ask me, go exclusive! :) Good luck!!!