Milestone: 6 000 images online

Hi everyone !

Finally ! Today I reached the milestone of 6 000 images online. It was hard work. What next ?

New Zealand, Queenstown, Panorama

Emerald Princess Cruise Ship, New Zealand

My next goal is to upload 10 000 images. It will not be easy. I have to work more, more, more... I try to have the most beautiful photos in my portfolio that will appeal to new buyers.

Desert Landscape in Arizona, Monument Valley

Wanaka Lake, New Zealand

I would like to express my thanks to the management DT, to all buyers and to all my friends.

Himalaya Mountains

Lighthouse, Beacon, Sea-mark

You can visit : My portfolio

Rotorua Museum, New Zealand

Pacific Coastline and Red Flowers

I hope you will find here some new ideas for your work or maybe buy some interesting photo from my travels.

Best regards ! Have a nice week !


Photo credits: Hellen8.

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To: Gluestick
Thank you for congrats !


Congrats! Enjoy seeing your work on here! :)


To: Teyakp
Thank you for your comment.


Congratulations, Helena! What a milestone... Wow!


To: Adeliepenquin
Hi Susan !
Thanks for comment and wishes. I work sometimes at night. Good luck with sales to you too.
Have a nice day !


Congratulations!! Where do you find the time--it is such hard work!! I am happy and proud for you. Good luck with sales, etc.


To: 15617310
Thanks for comment. And ... I'm sorry. I do not share such information.


To: Gauravjdp2014
Thank you for comment - Nothing can be done if we did not work hard. This is universal truth.
Yes. It is so.
Warm greetings to India !


Great work
can i ask as a freelancer photographer of 6K photos
how much can you earn every month from DT :)
i am considering whether to join you guys


Nothing can be accomplished if we did not work hard..this is universal truth..


To: Project007
Your comment made me very happy. How am I doing? I love traveling and photography. I'll bring lots of photos from every my trip. So I have a good basis for choosing. Another important thing is the very good knowledge of the photo editing program. I'm learning new and new things in this field. I have been working in post-production for more than 10 years.
I'm delighted that my photographs inspire you.
Good luck on DT !


To: SlowWalkers
Thanks for congratulations !



I truly mean it when i say that your style of photography will be on National Geographic and you will be a famous photographer sooner or later! Your work is stunning and so inspirational and we would all love to hear you blog more about how you do what you do and what a typical day for you consists of to push yourself to do 6000 pictures what is your typical day and life like....would love to hear the back story. I am on a mission myself to hit the 10,000 mark and finally just got to my first 300 and it was brutal ha do share your story we would all be inspired by your tips and insight on how to make our first 6,000 pictures happen....

love all your work!


Wonderful achievement Helena, congratulations.


To: Williamsphere
Hi Linda !
Thanks for congrats. Have a wonderful day !


Wow! Fantastic achievement. Congratulations!


To: Muhlisgursoy
Thanks you for comment and congrats. Good luck on DT !!


Congratulations! I'm new here (just touched 150 online photo milestone) and I happy to see this photos and the article. Also congratulations, your article has been the fourth rank on Hot Articles (you passed my fifth rank article just in 2 days! Wow!) Thanks for sharing!


To: Ctmphotog
Hi Pat ! Thanks you for comment. IT made me glad.
Have a nice weekend !


To: Martingraf
Thanks fór congrats Martin.
Have a wonderful day !


Congratulations Helena! Wishing you plentiful profits from your beautiful images!


What a wonderful milestone - Congatulations!!!


To: Lenutaidi
Hi Lenuta !
Thanks for comment and wishes.
Have a nice weekend !


To: Jdanne.
Thanks you for congrats !


Congratulations, Helena! Great work and wonderful pictures! More sales will come! Don't stop! Keep up!




TO. Pzmphoto
Thank you for visiting and congrats. Good luck on DT !


To: Pettys
Hi my friend ! Thanks for comment and congrats.
Have a nice day !


Great work, beautiful foto...!!! Congratulations !!!!


To: Lyonnais069
Thanks for comment. Good luck on DT !

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