Milestone at Dreamstime

Well I have been a member here at Dt for just over a year now and today I reached for me the massive milestone of reaching $100 Dollars in sales....You can not imagine how happy I am at reaching this milestone, not because of the money (if I needed the money I would have starved to death by now lol)

But as an amateur photographer that only entered the digital revolution just over 2 years ago and the fact that someone wants to buy what I have proudly produced is such a great feeling......Like a lot of people I am self taught and without sounding hard done by which I am not but I live alone in Germany while my family is in England and because I spend so much of my time on the road (I drive a band bus) I dont have many friends where I live...So so far no model releases from me :)

So all of my sales have come from either Toursit type shots or editorial images.... only you try asking a rock band to sign a model release lol but if you want advice on taking shots of churches or Cathedrals I'm your man !!!!!!

So the upshot is that if I can do it anyone can....just keep shooting and the cream eventually rises to the top

I look forward to my next year here at DT with renewed enthusiasm

Im off now to have a beer and celebrate my new found wealth lol

Photo credits: J0hnb0y.

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October 11, 2010


Congratulations! Well-done and good luck:)

October 08, 2010


Congratulations on your achievement!

October 08, 2010


That´s great! Congratulations!!! :)

October 08, 2010


I just want to say thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read my blog and also for the words of encouragement
To David....Lady Gaga is doing very well for me I just wish I knew then what I know now maybe the images would have been even better :)

October 08, 2010


Lady Gaga is doing very well for you ! You antique shop and street in Bratislava are great images as well. I agree that we wont get rich quick here.


October 08, 2010



October 08, 2010



October 07, 2010


congrats! here's to many more sales!

October 07, 2010


Well done, congratulations.

October 07, 2010


Congratulations!! :-)

October 07, 2010


Great story to encourage all the newbies! Congratulations your milestone ;)

October 07, 2010


Congratulations! Enjoy your first $100 and hopefully the next one will come faster. ;)

October 07, 2010


I really understand what you mean, I always say that one thing is that somebody (friends and family) tell you that your photos are great and something very different that an unknown person is willing to spend money on your work!
Big congrats!

October 07, 2010


Great job! Congratulations! I see you have many pictures with lady gaga :P Strange singer IMHO :)
Good luck!

October 07, 2010


Congrats! Beautiful satisfaction!

October 07, 2010


That's a great milestone. Keep up the good work and you'll see that now it'll go faster.

October 07, 2010



October 07, 2010


Congratulations for your milestone! I wish you many sales more!

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