This image is my first level 2! Exciting to have reached that plateau. And, it is also the first image where the designer wrote to say how the image was used. Very thoughtful of him, and gratifying for me.

Other milestones are looming as well... I am very close to my first $100 payout. 50 downloads (total) should be achieved during this month. And I just crossed over the 200 upload mark, with 215 in my portfolio now. Things are beginning to make more sense! My eye is better trained and my approval level has risen.

Thanks for all the support and pointers, in the message boards, blogs, and individually. It means a lot to me.

Photo credits: Amy Nicolai.

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It's really an exciting thing! congratulations!


Congrats. Keep up the good work!


Congrats Amy, I bet it was cool also knowing what your photo is being used for.


congrats and best of luck in reaching your next goals too!! your portfolio is great!


Congrats, Amyemilia!

I was thinking about you and your work a lot last week while I was in Zurich. I had the chance to photograph several churches, and your images were in my mind as an inspiration. I don't think I captured the qualities you did, but it was very helpful to reflect on your work.


Congratulations Amy and great work!


Thanks! :)


well done!!!


Congratulations and well done Amy. Wishing you continued successes!

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