Miracle of light

It all happen on one evening as we were rapping up a photo shots for an agency in our studio. The mighty sun light shine through our aquarium and created this superb spectrum on the wall. Suddenly every one start creating funny shadow images and with no time to loss , a new photo topic is on. Everyone are full of surprise and i particular like this one .

IS good and fun to have a break after a long hard photo shots. Some lighting are so hard to create but our mother nature just did it like that, out of nowhere. Pity it just last about 15 minute but manage to serve you a cup of drinks

Here i like to say is creativity are fun, when every body give a bit here and there it created miracle. No matter how long you have been a photographer or just some new comer, don't just shots picture but create it.

Photo credits: Yap Kee Chan.

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