Missed DT, was busy spending time with my new born child.

Well its been a long time, well first of all good news, my wife delivered on 12th December, now I'm proud father of a boy kid.

I really missed DT during my holidays but was very happy to experience a new phase of life , being father. Well I cant explain how happy and delighted I'm, fatherhood is best thing happened to me.

Well I haven't got any images of my kid yet, but insha allah very soon I will be uploading lots of images of my baby. He will be my first model in DT, so keep waiting and watch this space.

Just came back from India so need to catch up with lots of things.

And yeah wishing all of you happy new year. Hope all of you had lots of fun this new year. And I hope and pray 2010 brings lots of good things to all of us, Insha Allah.

Photo credits: Creativei.

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January 22, 2010


Sorry for this late entry. But such good news about your new child must not go without good wishes to you and your wife and the little boy.
Alhamdulilahi and may all good fortune and guidance follow you all.
Mubarek, I think that's arabic for congratulations, right.
Let's all hope 2010 will be good to all of us, yes, I agree InshaAllah.

January 21, 2010


Thanks for all the beautiful comments

January 21, 2010


Many congrats on your new baby!

January 20, 2010


Congratulations! December 12 is a GREAT day.

(My Daughter and sister in law both were born on Dec 12.)

enjoy every moment with your little one - time goes by so fast......

January 19, 2010


Congratulations, being a dad is a great feeling!!!!

January 18, 2010


Congratulations! My baby boy was born on 2.12. so I canĀ“t wait to make him a model too.

January 05, 2010


congrats, look forward to see your work.

January 03, 2010


Once again thanks for all the comments.

January 03, 2010


Congratulations Altaf! Best wishes for you and your family. Bye, Rob.

January 02, 2010


Congratulations for your new baby boy! I wish you and you're family all the best for 2010 :0)

January 02, 2010


Hi Altaf I'm sure you had a great time here in India. Congratulations & happy new year :) Can't wait to see the photos of you new model :)

January 02, 2010


What a great start to your year! Very good wishes to you, also!

January 02, 2010


Enjoy being a father!

January 02, 2010


Oh that's great, part of a milestone. Rolmat, by the way don't I get an Ipod????? Just kidding....

January 02, 2010



Congratulations also for the jackpot!
In case you haven't noticed, you have just opened the 20,000th thread on our message board :-)

All the best!

January 02, 2010


Thanks a lot for all the comments.

January 02, 2010


Congratulations on becoming a father! It's really wonderful! Wish health and happiness to you and your family!
And look forward to the photos with your new model:)

January 02, 2010


Congratulations..... & Happy new year.....

January 02, 2010


Welcome back Altaf and hope you have many fun filled years as a father it is great...

January 01, 2010


Congratulations, Altaf! Wish you wonderful moments with your baby!

January 01, 2010


Congratulations for your child and a HAPPY NEW YEAR for you and for your family!

January 01, 2010


congratulations and wishing you a very happy new year with your new addition

January 01, 2010


Congratulations. Looking forward to the photo's of your newborn child.

January 01, 2010


Congratulations!!! What a wonderful way to start a new year!

January 01, 2010


Congratulations the new family member! Hope he will be the best model for you :)
Waiting for the photos... Best wishes ;)

January 01, 2010


Dear Altaf, congratulations on becoming a father!
Best greetings to you and your family!

January 01, 2010



January 01, 2010



January 01, 2010


Congratulations on becoming a father!

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