Missed my own Birthday

My head has been in the clouds…LOL

Wow, I was having so much fun. I missed my on birthday.Dreamstimes bday that is. March the 4th I was two

© Mani33

The first year was very slow. Low acceptance, low sales, the next year it picked up a little. And so far this year April was my best month ever!!!Thanks to all of my fellow DT friends and all the staff here. You all are the greatest.

Hugs to you all Debbie xxxxx

Photo credits: Dmccale, Maen Zayyad, Scottysally2, Tan510jomast, Wildmac.

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May 13, 2010


Thanks all..You are welcome Carolyne and Sarah.Yes Tan I like that photo

May 12, 2010


Oh well, not too worry about missing your own birthday. The good thing about birthday's that if we miss it we don't age at all for that year, lol.
Seriously, it'll come around around ,,, soon, ha!ha!..

Me? I don't even remember mine. Come to think of it, the last time I celebrated my birthday was when I had a drink. Hmm, I thought that was last night; then again , it wasn't even my birthday, lol.
p.s. so glad you like my "alcoholic" that you used it here, cheers ! :)

May 10, 2010


Happy DT Birthday! Hope things keep getting better and better for you :) Thanks for using one of my pics in your blog too :)

May 08, 2010


happy DT Bday. i wish you many sales and lots of fun taking great photos that you take. :))

May 08, 2010


TY everyone,many sales to all of you..Happy birthday to you dessie

May 08, 2010


Itś never late to celebrate :-) So in addition - happy DT birthday! I wish you a lot of inspiration for nice images, I wish you a lot of sales and... having fun here :-)

May 08, 2010


Haha happy birthday hope it's a successful year

May 08, 2010


HA! You remind me I've missed mine also a week ago :)) Wish you more and more sales!!!!

May 07, 2010


Happy belated DT anniversary Debbie!

May 07, 2010


thanks everyone...Happy shooting and Happy Mothers Day Sunday to all of you MOMS

May 07, 2010


Happy second anniversary on DT. Keep up the good work and congratulations on having your BME! I'm sure there will be more of those.

May 07, 2010


YAY, Whoop Whoop ! Congratulations, wishing you more sales :)

May 07, 2010


Happy celebration Debbie!I wish you many approved photos,many,many sales and a lot of success here:)

May 07, 2010


Happy celebration!!! Keep it up now...no more sleeping.

May 07, 2010


Happy late birthday Debbie! Wish you many years of success to come :)

May 07, 2010


Happy your birthday of the second anniversary on DT!!!!
Wish you many sales!!!

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