missed oportunity

There is nothing sweeter than a child exploring the natural world. and I forgot my camera!!

© Nrogul

Last week it rained several days in a row, it was very warm and my 2 year old granddaughter was driving her mom nuts being cooped up in the house. So we took her outside to play in the mud. she took her little child size garden shovel and dug for worms. then we found a great mud puddle and she splashed around for almost an hour.

I had to convince her to come inside again by offering a warm bubble bath and a snack. After all thisI thought DARN I should have taken photos. Oh well it is supposed to rain later this week, and I will be prepared


Photo credits: Nikita Rogul, Thomas Perkins, Vickie Priestley.

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I think we can all identify with this. I tend to take my camera pretty much everywhere these days, I have had so many missed opportunities in the past. Thank you for using my image & I will look forward to seeing your puddles photoshoot.


This kind of thing happens to me ALL the time!


The problem is: "not really" I saw once a row of unpruned, frosted willows early morning, with light mist. Perfect shot, but no camera. Later, the willows were pruned and the opportunity was out. Have your camera with you, even some small backup...


Oh Denisebeverly, you are in BRISTOL!!!!! I would LOVE to be there. We have been to both races (spring and fall) several times and just love it. We were not able to go this year because we are working on an addition to the house and the $$$ is just nit there. Maybe next year!

Now grab your photography gear and RUN!!!


i feel like this all the time. i have often said my epitaph should be
"oh shoot i meant to bring my camera" the nascar race is in town this weekend and i haven't gotten a single shot. one of these days i will be prepared. you will get them next time!

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