Missed Opportunity

Boy Did we blow it, Yesterday at around 4:00pm there was a train derailment less than

Photo credits: Destinyvispro.

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June 21, 2010


Hey Thanks for using my image in your blog.
Hopeful that everybody was okay in your train crash.
Mine resulted in no fatalities just a big mess.
Sorry I didn't get closer to the cars for a more dynamic shot actually, but made the local papers.

June 12, 2010


The picture you used in the blog is so perfect that every part of the train seem put in the right position for the shoot. Maybe the one near your home is only a big mess with a lot of dust and dirty vagons,... anyway don't worry you'll get new good opportunity for beautiful pictures ;)

June 12, 2010


Unhappy incident

June 11, 2010


thye photo in the blog is not from the liberty train derailment. as u know i had to use a photo to post the blog. THANKS to Destinyvispr for use of the photo!

June 11, 2010


Thanks for sharing this photo! Here are more details about this tragedy...

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