Mistake helps me find my 100th

Not long ago I had hit a brick wall when it came to thinking of what I could photograph. I was stuck at 94 uploads.

I studied the portfolios of others and it was like learning the "abc's" all over again. Some photographers here are geniuses.

Last week I was on vacation so I planned to get up early and head out with the camera to find my perfect photo. After driving around for quite awhile I found my shot. I pulled the car over and set up the camera on a tripod. Darn, I forgot the battery in the charger at home.

I raced home to get the battery and headed out again. I tried a shortcut and came across a golf course. Hmmm, I wondered. I walked around the greens.

I was on the fence as to whether this was my perfect shot.

Then I saw it. The perfect shot to remember as my 100th.

What better than a chair to sit in to enjoy the view of the golf course?

I'm so excited about this 100th upload because not to long ago this goal seemed unreachable. I did run out and buy a backup battery to have with me and now I'm off to try for 200!

Photo credits: Betty Copeland.

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May 18, 2010


Congrats! You are way ahead of me- I kind of hit the same place and am struggling, but we are in VA for the summer and there are lots of inspirations.

April 28, 2010



April 28, 2010


Like that one Stone Wall and Wood fence
Its so soothing.

April 27, 2010



April 27, 2010


the same thing happened to me too - so frustrating, unfortunately i didn't get the chance to go back home for the battery, i haven't got a spare one yet - still saving up :) it's def taught me a lesson, well done on reaching your 100th upload - good luck for the next 100 :)

April 27, 2010


Congratulations!Nice images!

April 27, 2010


Wow, congratualtion and good luck for thw next 100s!

April 27, 2010


Congratulations your milestone!

April 27, 2010


Congrats! Good luck with your next goal. ;)

April 27, 2010


Good luck with 200!

April 26, 2010


Your images are great....

April 26, 2010


Serendipity strikes again!

I've started putting a spare batter and flash card in my glove compartment of my vehicle. I also keep an AC/DC battery charger in the car too (two; one for the camera battery, and one for AA cells for the flash).

April 26, 2010


Congrats! I wish you many sells and many more uploads :-)

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