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Recently and by curiosity, I searched some of my picture via Google Image. I found a community site which publish articles from its contributors. In this site, there is a freelancer who used my photo as illustration of her article. Of course I reported to DT but in the mean time, I asked that person to remove the picture or get the license. After three emails exchanges, she replied "fait" which means "done".

Later on, I was still curious about her others articles. I browse a little bit further in side her portfolio. Listen, dear DT contributors, you may have a look on this link. There is a lot of picture stolen from DT with the watermark. Go and ask her to remove all your picture. This person make money with your hard pain sweat.

Photo credits: Digikhmer.

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October 15, 2012


Many blog sites like www.plazilla.com are filled with stolen images. Those images are used in articles and acompnied with google advetisement. When a potential reader clicks on the google ad, the blog owner gets paid by google and pays the article writer. they make money without paying the photographer.

Another kind of theft is the site www. scoop.it. Persons collect articles and place them on scoop.it to share those articles with others. Both articles and pictures are copied from other sites.

Same happens on facebook with pictures

October 14, 2012


I have an image that stole.
Of a series of cartoons of fish
someone just drew in Photoshop my drawings.

we should fight.
I agree

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