The Miz's tutorials

A while ago we had a contributor The Miz. He was very helpful to many of us by providing "cheerful" criticism with a tad of a bite. He also took the time to create many tutorials to address an assortment of processes one would do within Photoshop.

Arenacreative has hosted these tutorials here: The MIZ Tutorials Take a look and maybe there was something you missed or forgot about!

© Rjmiz
© Rjmiz
© Rjmiz
© Rjmiz

Photo credits: Anthony Furgison.

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August 01, 2012


hmmm, i had nothing going on tonight... i do now, thanks!!!

July 20, 2012


Thanks for your tutorials, most valuable. Have a great weekend.
Cosmostellar Sydney Australia.

July 19, 2012


Thanks for sharing the photoshop tips! I love your work!!

July 17, 2012


Thanks Eti, Need to learn me some new skills and tricks !

July 16, 2012


Thank you for the info, much appreciated. Have a Great week.

July 16, 2012


Thanks for sharin!

July 16, 2012


Ah, yes, it's great to review those! He helped me get started, along with a few others, and now if I can just hang on.......

July 16, 2012


Thanks for sharing Eti! :)

July 15, 2012


oooh, thank you for sharing these!! I'm going to go have me some Miz now! :)

July 14, 2012


You have a lot of great beautiful pictures, a very rich imagination thinking Post-Processing combination photos, thank you for sharing!

July 14, 2012


Congratulations for the blog and the suggestion of many tutorials for Photoshop, I saw that you have a beautiful portfolio and works much in post production, congratulations!

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