MJ lives as long as Music...

What comes to your mind when somebody asks you or tell you words like "Breakdance" or "Pop" or "Moonwalk" or "white sock" or "Finger tapes" or even "one hand glove"...I am sure only one name one Image i.e Michael Jackson.

For many it must be a short lived,media hyped loss but am sure for many more it is of lifetime.One of those many more is writing this as an expression of mixed feelings...sudden outburst of so many childhood memories,current & future loss of music.

Its so difficult to describe MJ , for disciple of Dance/singing like me he is Guru since childhood and PR/marketing Guru later in life.

Many do not know his intelligence to use Media.According to me he took "PR" term to a greater and newer level first in USA and then rest of the world.He started the trend of "Controversy PR" which now is each & every celebrity's part of school book.

He was rather I shall always use he is the Master in each and every department of Music.

Again many do not know he used to write/compose/sing/choreograph/dance on his songs.In short One man Army.

He started the trend of Grand,path breaking,technically far ahead of his time Entry & Exit of his performances.(which are still copies in Bollywood).He took the stage performance to the futuristic levels.

He started the trend of using expressive story lines/themes in Single artiste Videos.

So many firsts...you all can get that data from any media vehicle but what we cannot get back is those moments when our feet automatically started moving with mind taking high jumps and entire body feeling the Dance beat inside.

Even now any kid tries any break dance step even a passerby will also ask...r u trying to be MJ or what u dreaming of becoming MJ?I call this "IMPACT"

His typical BEAT in almost 80% of his songs became a base beat for thousand of musicians worldwide to create 100s of songs.

His moonwalk became a Signature term.His special high pitch tone,his fashion statements be it finger tapes/gloves/short trousers with white sock became rage,his change of skin which showed the impact racism,his work for peace,his Growth from Nothing will be remembered as long as his Music.

I know the way life and people move on in life now,after a week people will not even think of him but any True lover /devotee of Music/lyrics/singing/dance/Performance will not able to erase or forget about MJ.He just truly captures you.For Michael Jackson's Groundbreaking Career, By The Numbers take a look at http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1614815/20090626/jackson_michael.jhtml

I can go on and go on writing about how I was fascinated to the level of hypnotism in childhood after watching MJ perform,how i suddenly started dancing and singing after watching him perform,how he infused his style of Music/performance in my blood ,how even his one video possession made me famous in the friend circle,how people used to get unconscious in his concerts,how 'Thriller' is still world's largest selling album,how i used to break dance even while taking a turn on my bicycle or would float entire house doing moonwalk or how my room wall had a life size poster of Jacko in his famous Black and white pose and so on...

Being a Media industry professional I sincerely feel nobody handled and used Media and PR the way he did.Any controversy related to MJ was a Front Page news worldwide,if you search none of the legal charges proved against him.

He taught me & entire world negative publicity is also publicity or what is controversy PR ?

Fortunately one my closest friend is the proud owner/mentor of The Official Indian MJ fan club and website i.e www.clubmj.com and has created a MJ Anthem in 2003 which has more than 1 lac downloads.Through him I was always connected to MJ world when most of the world had locked him inside a mind corner.

I am amazed to see how even Mr.Amitabh Bacchan is impacted/affected by the news,I will really recommend everybody to read his today's (26.06.09) blog on http://bigb.bigadda.com/ who himself is a world icon and living legend on the earth.

Excerpts from his blog :

"It was around the mid 70’s that lightening struck and from it emerged this grown up version of Michael Jackson, singing, moving, dancing like he was from some other planet ! Mesmerized by his brilliance in each and every department of music and performance, he changed the very psyche, of not just the kind of music he was making, but also the psyche of the listening audience. Nothing compared to him. He was just this incredible perfection that God could have possibly created in his mercy.

His body moved like a wound up toy machine. Every conceivable action of rhythm and style was incorporated inside his diminutive form, without any blemish. The exhilaration that he provided became synonymous with the ultimate. He was the impossible."

I know I have written too much but feel have written nothing...that's the magic of "Jacko".You listen to him,you feel you should listen more,you see his performances and want to see more.He truly "healed d world"with his Music.

I do not know and care about what world thinks but for me

MJ lives as long as Music...

Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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May 03, 2010


He was a guy who created a fan follower just by his own merit and the style of dancing, which was unique.
The one who could do this (fan following) earlier was Elvis Prisly.

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