Mobile freedom

The mobile phone...... one of the only things that we carry all the time with us even in the bathroom. There is no excuse anymore to say that we could not take that image since mobile photos are accepted in Dreamstime. This became an discussed topic. There are people that loves this idea and other that think that a mobile phone should be only to communicate. Photos are also a form of communication on phones. Think about Facebook, MMS and other applications. Why not communicate with Dreamstime buyers. Give them the photos that they need.

I think the discussion should not be about if a smartphone should be used for photography or not. The point about mobile phones is the “mobility”. It is like I mentioned the thing that you carry with yourself all the time. It gives us the possibility to be ready on any time and any moment. Many times it happened that I went out with no photography plans and then was happy to had my smartphone with me when a good photo opportunity came up.

I notice that there are still not that many mobile phone shots in the database. Don’t be afraid and try it out. The mobile camera can do more then you think. Most of the time processing is not even necessary and you can upload straight from the phone. I adjust the brightness, contrast etc. already before I take the shot. Even uploading you can do from phone with FTP applications like AndFTP. In fact while waiting for the train you can take couple of images of the station. Check the image by quality and upload to Dreamstime right on the place and everything with your smartphone.

Give it a try!


Photo credits: Mirco Vacca.

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July 21, 2014


Hi Mr. Vacca, would you please send me an email to We have some business would like to talk with you. Thankyou.

May 23, 2014


Vacation :).... no way. Then the camera will be my friend. Going shopping or on other daily tasks a smartphone can be useful to take some daily life images. Seems that you have a call friendly manager that interupts you on every try of focusing on a object :).

May 23, 2014


Smartphones are nice but not when your manager interrupts your vacation. To be reachable all the time can easily become a burden.

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