Is the mobile phone going to replace our cameras?

Everyday we are surprised by a mobile phone manufacturer, especially if we are talking about the camera specifications. It is like a cold war, everyone has a race to see who can develop the most advanced and optimal hardware. On other hand, even stock agencies now accept photos and videos taken by mobile devices. Is that our future? Is photography as a profession going to be forgotten?

Female Photographing Sunset with Mobile Phone

Personally I think, that taking photos via a smartphone is enjoyable but for social media purposes or other, not necessary for the professional use of an image. I have a few photographs and videos in stock agencies taken by mobile, but I'm not happy with the results. Sure, photographs pass the test and are available for sale, however in my opinion, the quality is still far away from DSLR or mirrorless cameras.

I use a Sony Xperia and I'm pleased with the results, especially when I get a quick snap and publish it on Facebook or Twitter. Unfortunately on the mobile I am missing few important settings like golden triangle (shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings). It seems to me as though someone has deliberately avoided these options. We have a lot of fixed settings for landscape or portrait, but everyone who uses a normal camera knows that fixed settings are useless.

I'm quite familiar with android phones, not so with apple, but I checked on one of the latest iPhones but still these functions are missing, instead we have a lot of filters. However after taking a snap we have almost unlimited options with post production.

Another thing to consider is lens size. With DSLR we are aiming at around 40-50mm to allow light in through the lens, with mobile devices the size is really small. As we know, if you can't let much light in, we need to compensate by slowing shutter, or increasing ISO sensitivity. Both options are not so good. Like ISO noise we are able to mask or hide out in photoshop or Lightroom, slower shutter could be annoying, especially when we see the image on the computer screen.

Are we going to see the replacement of photography gear for mobile devices in the near future?

Personally I don't think so. Companies have made a huge progress in search and development, but current devices are unfit for most photographers. They could be a support but not front line. Sure, on the Web we can find plenty of articles promoting some brand and worshiping a specific model, but we can't forget that is just a simple marketing job. Almost everyday we can read some publications made by a public relations department in big international corporations, with updates and information about new things which we are going to find in the new devices. That is good, competitors increase the quality and lower the price of new devices, but let's think about this for a second. Someone hires you to take some photos for a wedding or take some commercial shots for a new advertising campaign, and you arrive with a mobile phone in your hands and inform them that you are ready. Just use your imagination and answer yourself what reaction do you think you will receive…

In the end we can't forget that everyone with an expensive mobile phone is going to call themselves a photographer…

Photo credits: Jacek Wojnarowski.

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July 04, 2018


I personally did not think that our mobile phone is replaced by a camera. But billion of people billions of thinking, here i just provide my thinking. But the way you describe this process is truly beautiful. If people know more about this topic then contact

July 01, 2018


I think for editorial breaking news it is great.

June 12, 2018


One thing to remember is stock photo sites have not changed their policies toward mobile phone images, but that mobile phones have finally gotten to the point where their images can be included in stock photography libraries.Phones can take just as good of an image these days as DSLRs can (with a few exceptions). If you don't believe me, compare the images in this article at 100%: device has it's own advantages and disadvantages. So pick something that you like and that works for you and stick with it.

June 10, 2018


Great blog. Lot's of questions, I guess that the feeling of a DLSR will never compare to the phone, perhaps one day (not to far) the quality of phones will be the same as the DLSR cameras but for us the photographers of "the past" a DLSR will be the best thing to feel, control, explore, etc.

June 10, 2018


Mostly no for me, I think 2 to 3 of my 3228 uploaded photos are from a phone... The quality from a phone is fine for use online but may struggle when printed large ? It's just another tool that is getting better for photographers to use in their arsenal of equipment... Will probably use it more when I upgrade my dinosaur phone :-)

June 09, 2018


Great article, I used to thin that way. But...There are times where shooting with a mobile phone make things much easier to shoot, to be relatively unnoticed and also to be able to upload your pictures/videos to your agency and I guess it is especially the case if you're more into editorial and covering e.g. a demonstration.Just my thoughts....

June 09, 2018


Totally agree with Jacek about the photography by smart phone vs DSLR.However, with making video, smart phones make big progress and some of them approching what a normal camcorder can do. However, videography with DSLR still have an edge with replacable high-quality lens.Thanks for sharing.

June 09, 2018


When it comes to video shooting, I use my iphome 6S as one of my cameras (along with my other DSLR cameras which are mounted on tripod) In my final editing I mix all these and frankly speaking one can't make out the difference between the mobile result and the DSLR result.

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