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Hello Ladies and Gents.

I guess i wanted to mention how handy mobile phones are now days. Being able to keep it in the pocket and shoot decent photo when there is occasion is pretty valuable thing. As an amateur photographer with low budget camera i try to use as many tools as i can to get things moving. Mobile phone proven to be very useful in the moments when you just don't have your camera.

Sunrise view

Many phones have free apps which you can use for post production so they are becoming all in one photo machines ( camera and computer )

Broken sky

Phone gives you freedom of movements and angles which are hard to capture with bulky cameras :)

Chanel logo abstract - Mobile phone photography

I am not trying to convince you mobile phone is better than your camera but its a good addition to your equipment and it would be a waste not to use it!

Modern waiting space

I am for sure trying to use it as much as i can so my portfolio can grow with variety of photos.

My Mobile Phone Collection

Sad dog

Photo credits: Sebastian423.
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April 09, 2015

I use my photo for snapshots but didn't think the quality would be sufficient for DT. However, your photos are nice. The point about processing is a good one.


April 08, 2015

Since one month i have a new mobile phone, which i ordered in China (from HUAWEI), because of it´s DualCam. (In Germany it is maybe in Mai available. USA i don`t know) I am very happy with this phone ("Honor 6 Plus"). It is allways with me and it takes great images. (with DOF, because of two side-by-side cameras (not for Stereo-images!)). And of course... you also can call your friends *ggg* ;o) And i love the Dreamstime-App :o)
All "Honor 6 Plus" Photographers are invited to be a part of my Honor-6-Plus Collection ;o)


April 07, 2015

nice idea,what mobile and model no you recommended