Model release, each shooting new release?

Can anyone help please?

If I shoot with one model for example twice a week (MO, FR)

do I need for each day extra release - sheet? Is there any way, how to use one for a month cooperation for example?

Thanks for answer!


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July 02, 2013


sure, next time I will..thanks Tangie .)

July 02, 2013


As Matthiase pointed out, you need to use one single model release for each of your models. More model releases are required only when the model moves to a different group age - you can read more details in our FAQ section here .
It is recommended you post such questions on the message board in the future. You get answers more quickly there and such posts cannot actually be qualified as blog articles.

July 02, 2013


really..? not bad :)

July 02, 2013


New article posted: Model release, each shooting new release?

You can use the same model release for each shoot even tho the place and date varies. I have never been asked to make a MR for each shoot on DT:)

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