Model Release for editorial images

Hey people!!!!

Would you be so kind to explain me this thing with editorial images....

As I could see from others you dont need to have this.

Yeah, I can imagine myself breaking my way through the crowd to get some VIP/star/celebrity (Queen of England for example) to sign a model release for DT!!!!!!!

Edited by admin - If you have questions regarding refusal reason, please reply to the refusal mail.

check up on my new little star.

Photo credits: Agripina.

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October 27, 2008


Its nice to have you, Brad!!!

You always come and rescue!!!!

Now I do know the difference - thanks to you

October 27, 2008


The category only specifies that you feel the image is of an editorial nature, but when you submit the image you must either submit is as Royalty Free (the default on the upload page) or Editorial. This is what matters when it comes to model releases, not the category. A RF image with an editorial category still needs a model release, while an Editorial image uploaded doesn't...

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