Model release form for all agencies

Yuri has had an excellent model release form available on his site for a while now.

However, when I tried to use it towards the end of last year there were some problems and DT and another agency rejected the form.

I've updated this MR form and reposted it as a download on my blog here. (I'd just repost the blog from my site here, but it mentions other agencies and would probably not be acceptable.)

If there is anything wrong with this new version that agencies don't like, please let me know with a comment post here or on the blog so that there is one working MR for all agencies which is actually acceptable.

Even better, please update the file and send it back with the necessary changes - that would be great for everyone.

If anyone has legal experience and finds some "holes" in said MR contract, feel free to amend to improve it.

I make the assumption that since the MR was made available free of charge and for use from Yuri's site that it's pretty much an open source document by now? If not, please also let me know!

Photo credits: Olivier Le Moal.

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July 12, 2011


no rejections yet, is ok is ok is ok is ok
dreamstime is ok is not applied for (i'm not with them at the moment, too time consuming)

July 11, 2011


If you get rejected for an mr reason at any of the sites, please let me know and I'll amend the online version.

July 08, 2011


just uploaded the MR at several agencies. now watch what will happen?

July 04, 2011


I'll use it and give it a try at several stocksites in about a week from now. I only work with real engineers and technicians in their real life job/work. wonder how it will work. I'm in industrial photography, same as you do. My specials are construction/contracting and industry

July 04, 2011


I have not used it for a while now, but there should be a link to download the file on the blog. Or here . . .

July 03, 2011


Did you have any succes with your general model release yet? I'm curious because I'm in a need for a generic release as well?



February 01, 2011


not got to that model release stage yet... that's the plan at some point though

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