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Is there some general purpose model release form, which I can use somewhere else except for DT?

Thank you in advance for answers.


Photo credits: Vennys.

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April 06, 2013


OK,I found what I was looking for...just with a bit more effort.

"You can use our standard MR forms or you can use any generic MR form as long as it is not especially designed for another agency or mentions legal jurisdiction other than US's or the photographer/model's country laws."

March 28, 2013


Well the information is clear, but If there will be some link of another model release sample (pdf) it won´t be bad..
I´m curious whether it is possible to use it on another microstock site as well. Any ideas, opinions? Thanks
(my english is not perfect, maybe I´m missing something..)

March 26, 2013


simple search won´t be a problem, but I wasn´t sure about the keywords...Thanks a lot, that is exactly what I was looking for

March 26, 2013


A simple search in the forum would have returned this article which will be of use to you:

Easy release

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