Model release thoughts

Thanks to one of the DT bloggers, I discovered a Dan Heller's blog. So full of good read! Definitely a must in your blog-roll.

To the point. We all know how strict the rules regarding the MRs are when we post our images. A face is recognisable? No MR, no approval, period.

Now, let me take you to this article. It's long but I bet you will not count the precious minutes to read it.

The bottom line is - MRs situations are hardly black and white. DT has a very definite stand on whether and when you should attach one. They play safe, and the saying has it - "better safe than sorry". But, on the other hand, I sometimes wish the policy would be less strict, allowing us to post some really nice shots when MR is not really neccessary...

Photo credits: Jack Schiffer.

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May 06, 2008


Dan's point of view is that the law is clear: it is the responsibility of the end user to obtain a model release and the ultimate liability is with that end user to determine if a release is needed. In reality, however, everyone gets sued: the end user, the stock distributor and the photographer even if the suit is without merit. I've had people claim to be in images that they simply weren't in. The model release saved the day.

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