Model releases are real? Really?

Young man

Yesterday I met my friend and told about DT, about stock photos, about all issues and about necessary for sale of a photo documents (Model or property release).

And He asked me "How managers of DT or buyers of you stock photo with model on it, How they learn that the model release is real? "....

I mean that author of a photo can fill and sign itself the model release, and without will of model "forge the signature". I work as a lawyer and I live in Russia, and not by hearsay I know how people can forge documents. "Considering mentality of Russians".

I will tell more, that I looked through weight of a portfolio and I will tell that I have real suspicions that many authors do so bad way. (((

And eventually it turns out that the release isn`t a serious document? What it simply formality?

I agree with that that the majority of us are fair photographers, but nevertheless it seems to me a real problem.

Remains to hope for honesty of authors and trust from administrations of DT.

Photo credits: Valerii.
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I love photo, it`s my hobby first.

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October 01, 2009

Well. Most of my relised photo made in the camps of military history reenactor clubs.Not big problem agree that with them near fire after some drops.... All my relises undersighned outdoor and not on the table :-)
Last of that in Crimea,near Alma river
Русские с бутылкой всегда могут договориться у костра,Валера


September 30, 2009

Model release is a real problem. I sent an image of the profile of a muslim praying in Taj Mahal. I turned black the silhouette guetting the man absolutely unrecognizable. It have been rejected today. Far more, I sent a similar image two years ago that had been accepted ! Model release is a real problem.


September 30, 2009

What you say is really true and this is something I faced initially when I used to get MR's signed from beggars until I took people there to verify. Infact many of my referrals today were one of those suspectors.

But 1 year ago or so, DT changed something. THey made phone number mandatory. This is one way agencies or buyers can check the authenticity of the people. This is one reason I have never been able to upload photos of tribes or nomads. They can sign a release but they dont have a contact number!


September 30, 2009

Among the mandatory MR requirements are the model's address and phone number. That way agency staff can check if the release is real.


September 30, 2009

The model release document is a LEGAL document. If the photographer chooses to forge such a document and a legal case appears then he will be responsible in front of the law for it. Forgery in documents is punishable by law in all countries.
Obviously we can not discover all frauds but we take measures against all those we do discover.
So, like with any document forgery is possible but not tolerated or advisable.


September 30, 2009

By having the model release on file, DT can be absolved of the fraud if there is one. With the release on file the fraud is the responsibility of the photographer alone. In most cases a fake release will never be uncovered because the chances the model will sue are quite small. Probably professional photographers will never forge a release because it's much more productive to work with professional models. Amateurs will not do a forgery in order to make $15 a month. At least I won't. Does not make any sense. So between these two extremes some forgery may happen.
Some high end stock sites can be joined only through invitation. Only successful professional photographers are invited. Then one can have a better control of the releases.


September 30, 2009

If it is a forged document, it will eventually come back and be the photographers problem, not Dreamstimes. The photographer is the one who will have to go to court and prove it is a real document, The burden of proof will be on the photographer,