Model Releases in sports - What to do, what to do?

I've seen recent articles on working around a Model Release. Folks at a distance in motion can be blurred, etc. Great suggestions.

In addition to doing a lot of landscape photography I enjoy photographing rock climbers. I climb too, and it's a blast.

Often when I'm out on the rock I shoot friends I climb with, and other climbers around me. Sometimes I get the "perfect" shot of someone I don't know. By the time we wrap up they're gone. So, the big do you shoot sporting events, the athletes, and round up a model release if you got their face in the shot?

I'll be reading around here more to see what others do. There's a stockpile of fun climbing photos on my hard drive, and I'd love to submit a few, but no model releases. :(

Photo credits: Richard Charpentier.

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I see what you're saying. I'll have to toy with that. Went out in search of climbers yesterday and came up empty. Maybe they'll be out tonight. Or I'll shoot tomorrow when we climb again. :)


What I'm suggesting is perhaps doing some post-processing, like cropping. Not every photograph of a person in an activity has to have the face, or the full body for that matter. :)


I've talked to a few "really good" climbing photographers (something I'd like to be someday). The suggestion is that you don't take a photo from below (no butt shots), but rather from above (hanging from a line with your camera). So, often you'll get their face, part of it, etc. You'll also get dizzy! :)

Working away on a solution. Thanks for the input!


Get creative! Do you really need the faces in the shots to make it a good photograph?

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