Model Shoots

We had our friend come by to do some new pictures with the new camera. She's always so happy to help out! Her uncle is a photographer, so she's had quite a bit of informal training at it. Compound that with her being a Cheer Captain and her always up attitude, it's always a load of fun!

Like she told me this weekend, she's not afraid of color, so we dove into her makeup kit and pulled out the paint! She has incredible eyes, and we were able to take advantage of them this time! I can't wait for those pictures to go up!

Unfortunately, with the string of misfortune this past few weeks, we are going to fall short of our goal, but... the month is not over yet! We are revisiting some images that we took with the Olympus E-10 (4mpx) and making them bolder and better with our new E-510. What a difference that camera makes!

When we first looked at the quick view of the RAW images, they looked incredibly grainy. We were saddened until we pulled them up to full view and saw how crisp and clean they actually were! I'm thinking the grainy-ness had to do with the amount of information each image was crammed with, because the 4mpx were clearer at a smaller size. Maybe it's not true, but it seems to be the case, so that's how I'm gonna continue thinkin :D

Model shoots have always been pretty easy to set up for us. We belong to a chatroom, and people are always needing new profile pictures. We check in now and again to make sure people are current, and also to see if anyone new fits a model type we happen to be looking for. It is also a great way to find additional props, authentic professional items, that we might not otherwise be able to get easily. Need a cop? Nurse? With authentic uniforms? Dime a dozen online in chat rooms :)

I know people swear by craigslist and other means, but I've been part of the online chat community for several years, and that is the medium we've found the easiest to navigate in.

We usually start off offering them profile pictures, and once they get in front of the camera, and we see how they are working out, that's when we start talking about modeling for us. By then, they are into the lights and the action with the camera, and it's an easy sell, most times. And, of course, a few of the people we know from the chatroom are on our sites, so when we pop in and they are there, the conversation turns immediately to their joy at having their pictures up for sale, and how they are now a professional model. Which just makes more people interested.

Tomorrow he is going to take pictures of me. I know he wants it to be a private shoot, but I have some ideas I've been wanting to try, so, who knows? We'll see what we end up with!

Photo credits: Robert Gebbie.

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