Modelling in Iran!

Iran is a great country with several different cultures and house to numerous historical monuments and architectural masterpieces that can attract far more tourists each year.

Regarding Iran potential for tourism and recent Nuclear Deal that has put an end to Iran banking and economy sanctions which can increase tourist numbers, I decided to shoot a project about Iran tour and tourism. I choose Isfahan as the location and found a local amateur model to play the tourist role in my photos.

I choose a day with clear sky and it was near sunset that we start shooting. It was going well until I saw a police soldier is coming toward us. As he came closer I started fearing because of several charges he could arrest me for. At least he could take my camera and make trouble. He came to me and told me that people have called police and have reported that a woman is wearing clothes which violates Islamic rules and country dress code, referring to my model. I assured him to correct the dress but after he left I decided to finish taking photos in this location, namely Emam square in Isfahan.

Based on the Islamic and government laws, it is required for all women to cover their hair with a scarf and also dress in a manner that covers their legs to knees while being in public areas. It is only one of the obstacles that is in front of Iranian photographers.

Tourist model

Photo credits: Reza Ebrahimi.

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September 07, 2016


Good that you decided to shoot a project about Iran tour and tourism.

September 04, 2016


Nice image :) Good work!

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