Models how?

How do you get people to stand infront of the camera and let you take their picture and to sell them online to the whole world to see ?.

Do you ask friends and family to help you?. Or do you ask random people in the street to strike a pose and then let them fill out the modelrealese form?. And explain to them that they may see their own face on the back of a bus the next morning?. And they don't get any money of it, just you as a photographer?.

How do you do it as a photographer?.

- Do you hire real models? Sounds expensive?

- Ask friends and family?

- Random people outside?

I have never asked someone to stand infront of the camera for my stockphoto portfolio. I imagine its hard to convince someone to do so. People tends to get shy every time they see a camera. And on top of all that, you say that you wanna sell the pictures online to the whole world?.

What's your experience with models?.

Model Collection

Is it hard ? Or am I completely wrong here ?.

Please comment below :)

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March 19, 2013


I use friends, workers and family, I explain to them what is all about and they normally agree to pose.

March 19, 2013


The perfect model:

 Night woman 


Seriously, getting models is part of the learning curve. Use yourself, ask friends/family, or try

All options have their issues... and rewards.

March 19, 2013


Family and friends, as the others already commented below, are the best choice to begin with. I have plenty of friends that love to be photographed and are always willing to stand in front of the camera. The majority of them are also willing to sign a model release, after I explain them clearly what does it mean. But there's also the type of photography you do. I am, for example, into simple shots, happy friends, smiling people, that kind of stuff.

Randomly chosing people on the street is not an easy choice :) Hiring models is a great choice, if you make enough money out of stock to be worth the expense.

March 19, 2013


Well I use family, frends , real models and my self! It depends of the kind of photograph or job, sometimes I give the images to the models and I don´t have to pay them.

March 19, 2013


Most of my models are my family members and friends. Unfortenately, l don't have the time to transform my hobby to an "job-hobby" as I wish. :s

March 18, 2013


i use family and friends a LOT.. you will see many photos if my significant other (Gary) as a model, and my 5 grandchildren. I also have many friends willing to trade a photo shoot for free photos of their kids or pets. of course many times if you like to do editorial photos, you can photograph people in public places and then dont need a model release.. but you make more money if you do because you can sell them more places. It is also hard for me to ask total strangers If I can get a copy rite release.. so start with family and friends! and dont forget.. THEY might know someone you dont know and will help you find the models you want. (Ps i also pay my models in cupcakes and treats...)*S*

March 18, 2013


I say start with yourself, that way you know what it's like to be behind the camera. In most cases it's very easy to get models if you promise them a few good watermarked shots to use. Getting models is not that hard...

March 18, 2013


I ask my friends with whon there is ready-to-use personal contact. My models never get completely shy but sometimes they are a bit tensioned since just do not know how to show this or that emotion or situation. In such cases I am trying to joke, to be cheerful. For instance once my model did not know how to show joy and wonder looking at SOMETHING that falls fown to her palm. After several attemts to make shot I asked her what is her greatest dream. 'Trip to Africa' - she answered. Then I told: 'So, look - a 1st class ticket to Africa falls down to your palm, it's already paid and the best african hotels are paid, as well. Look, LOOK!!!'. She smiled and showed the emotion I wanted of her. Som with such games I normally achieve the goal.

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