Modern and classical

I think DT is a very good classroom, I have already had much harvest from it. I often browse my favorite contributors and images,I found the modern idea and technique of expression

are very important.

For example, a model's different modelling and the performance will bring the completely different feeling.According to this viewpoint, I have tried to shoot several models,finally, I selected a model and shot a group of pictures with very big span of times.

Between classical beautiful and modern beauty,the model's performance makes me to be pleased.

Photo credits: Linqong.

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Hi, Linqong, I started a thread on question about model release in China. I wonder whether you will be able to help me about that since you have used many different models in China. Could you tell me what kind of model release you used that is acceptable to Dreamstime but also your models can read without knowing English? I need it for my upcoming China trip and can't find a good version through my web searches. I really appreciate any suggestions you can provide on this matter.


Thanks for your nice comment:)


Beautiful images: very very good work! Bye, Rob.


Hi,my friends Irisangel & Fultonsphoto.
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.


Beautiful images as always, great concept. Good luck with them.


My favorite is also "beauty in the picture"...but these are all good concept pictures and I am sure they will do well :0)


Hi, Jitka
Thank you for your reply:)
There is a film in China, the name calls " beauty in the picture ".


My favorite is "beauty in the picture"... I like so much that image :-) I think combing modern and classical is great! Have a good luck with these images!


Thank you for your blessings!


lovely and cute pics, keep up the good work.


Thank you for your reply:) my friend Tracy0703.


Wow, so good. Like them all.

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