Modern day seamen are really modern

Handsome sailor isolated. Seaman.

Life on board a ship is very hard. There are moments in which we can relax and enjoy ourselves, but let's be honest- it mostly work, work, work.

That is why, the occasion to take a funny shoot does not come so often. Of course, I could find a guy to make a funny face, but that would not be so interesting. I needed a funny photo which could tell a story. Something which we don't see every day. I was lucky and the occasion came to me by accident.

Cleaning the life boat with vacuum cleaner - funny

Picture depicts a guy who was cleaning the free fall boat with a vacuum cleaner. Well, it might not sound or look funny to you, but believe me, in 20 years of my career this is a first time to see something like this.

If you carefully observe the picture, you might notice that he even took his shoes off.

In not so distant past, seaman would use an ordinary bucket with soap and water, but modern day seamen are really modern.

Photo credits: Dragan Janovic, Natalia Sutula.

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February 11, 2019


My nephew went into the navy last year and we've hardly heard from him since! But when we do hear from him, he does enjoy the life on a ship and out at sea. Thanks for writing! William

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