Modern green energy saving and environmental protection of Urban Rail

Urban public transport facilities

Now all over the world are in the implementation of green energy saving and environmental protection in urban traffic system, urban rail transit is the city of aortic, I went to watch the world of urban rail transit, Tokyo, New York, London, Paris, Beijing, Guangzhou... Almost all of them tried various ways to realize green travel. However, do the best, I think I met in the Chinese city of Guangzhou of the green track bus, all the tracks and stations are covered by green plants, very beautiful, let me think of spring day in the subway.

Guangzhou first Guangzhou Haizhu tram trolley lines, line length of 7.7 km began in Wansheng Wai Station, stop at the tower of Guangzhou station, a total of 11 stations, all ground station; average per station spacing of 0.784 kilometers. Guangzhou Haizhu a tram will be in Guangzhou tower exhibition east along the edge of the green belt driving, by Whampoa Chung will build a cross Bay Bridge power supply vehicle traffic, in Pazhou Bridge South - Wansheng Wai travel segment transferred to the middle of the road. Guangzhou Haizhu a trolley line, a total of 11 stations: Guangzhou tower, Guangzhou Tadong, hunting German bridge south, PA Dynamisante, southerly, exhibition, exhibition, exhibition East, Pazhou Bridge south, Pazhou tower, Wan wins Wai. Among them, Wan Sheng Wai Station and Metro Line 4, line 8 transfer connection, Canton Tower station and Metro Line 3, APM line transfer. Guangzhou tram fare 2 yuan, you can use the Yangcheng tong.

Photo credits: Yang Kaiyu.
  • Cowboyyang
  • Guangzhou, China

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April 19, 2016

Very nice :-)