Modernized table television test.

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

I have honour to offer, all who plans to open own telechannel, the television test table.

By means of the given test it is possible to check up such parameters:

1. Accuracy of a colour rendition.

2. Geometrical distortions of the screen.

3. Gradation of brightness.

4. Data of beams of a kinescope.

5. Clearness and focusing.

The table is designed in conformity with standards of telecasting. All the sizes long and requirements are strictly sustained. Structurally there is an opportunity of accommodation of a logo and the timer in the top and bottom part of the table. The test is designed in a vector format. All details are the finished elements, paths are closed. Therefore there is an opportunity of the subsequent individual updating.

By development the test of the table, undertook in attention experience of many leading countries of the world. The table is simple, functional and symmetrically visualized.

IMHO, I think both it will be pleasant to spectators, and experts to behold her. Anyway, by development, I very much tried to consider technical and aesthetic aspects.

Thank for attention.

Photo credits: Tokomag.

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