The moments in our lives that we forget to capture

I recently bought a camcorder; simple reason - as a photographer I concentrate on taking pictures that are needed for school, special projects, Dreamstime, etc.; but in the meantime I seem to forget to take pictures of the people I love. My computer contains thousands of images with landscapes, nature, still life, but there are only some with my loved ones. My Dad died three months ago and I cannot forgive myself for not taking pictures of him. I took his presence for granted and now I only have my mental images of him... and they will fade away. So I bought the camcorder because I learned my lesson the hardest way possible. I try to record their faces, how they talk, move, smile... to have a piece of them if God decides to take them away.

Photo credits: Photoeuphoria.

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June 18, 2008


Keep recording, you'll never regret!

June 17, 2008


Thank you all for these words of sympathy.

June 17, 2008


my sympathies also to you and your family. i hope that you can capture many many happy moments with your new camcorder. beautiful idea!

June 17, 2008


Love work, love life, love love.

June 16, 2008


My deepest sympathy goes to you and your family in the loss of your father. What you said is so true. Sure we all need to make a living, but we need to have our prime focus on the things that are truly important. And, sometimes, we don't even realize what they are until they're gone. God bless you!

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