Monday is always black!

Unbelievable! How the kids right now are so rude and without home education?!

Earlier today, on the way to the office, I went to the road cross to cab a taxi as usual. Suddenly I saw a taxi is going to stop since the passenger is going to settle the bill. I went up to the taxi and wait for the lady passenger's getting out.

At that time, a young boy, which is around max. 25 years old, ran up to the taxi in one second. Upon his opening the front door, he catched my arm and draged me out of the taxi!

Damn, I've never seen such a rude man! If it is not a working day, I am sure I will call the police to settle the issue. However, I don't wanna be late of the work. The only thing I can do now is just to blame the son of bitch here in front of my computer!

Anyhow, shit happens! Really miss the beautiful Yunnan in my memory!

Ethnic Villages 5

Photo credits: Huijie Li.
  • Lhj
  • Shanghai, China

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