Money or life? Or both?

Money or life? Or both?

Straight from the hip is an explanation that this contribution can in any case does not seek to argue, or in any way make light of the considerable work that makes Tomáš Hajzler and his people about freedom at work . It was he who gave me his lecture on WebExpo few years ago literally brought to wonder a 'kick' to the future. I even feel that as a company we were one of the few (if not only), who took the Gospel of Thomas to serious consequences, which brought the only real change - the disappearance of the old model - a long and painful transformation into something that only time will tell as viable. Freedom is in the long run, freedom to work the long haul with 20kg lead weight on the body.

Very loud like saying "Shift Happens" wherever it actually shift Give. And I'm glad that I made about this area. The shift is happening. A few years ago, at the end of its corporate term, I feel that life is really about money or about life. And it is necessary to choose. It had its logical basis in the form of many years that we přesluhovali in multinational groups, or in their business, where we did not have to be long. As a result of such conduct was a total burnout, loss of sense of anything and in some cases even decline in mental hospitals. It is clear that we are looking for a counterpart, which would bring light to darkness. Anything that brought us up and gave us a sense. So we have established freedom at work, new wealth, Smíchologii , Jan Bím blog and lots and lots of others, and started on your way to examine that transformation. Again, I adore and take off - was (and still is not) a respectable work of pioneers and ambassadors of the unknown.

But what's next? Vzpommněl I remember one story of Buddha, who, having wandered around India with five asceticism and was dried to the bone and skin, somewhere met a group of musicians who taught his pupils to play a musical instrument. The teacher explained that if the string is too loose, does not emit any sound, and when it is too tight, burst. Buddha realized that asceticism - as opposed to self-indulgence - is just as damaging as the exuberance she chose a middle way. In the near wells met a young girl who gave him a drink and eat, and Buddha went into the world with new insight. What do I mean? Nothing more than that, or is always wrong. Or maybe not always, but always brings the selection, and thus to a shift to one of the polarities. According to the basic principles relating to the whole, we know that reinforces peace, strengthens its opposite at the same time in the form of violence and war, when selecting a fundamentally healthy, attract the opposite pole of illness and grows if unconditional love, I bind to each other while the dark forces of the opposite pole .

On the topic of the wealth of life that has been said and written a lot. After all, this blog has actually aim to seek and explore new possibilities richness of life. This is my central theme. That is why I chose obodní more than one year when I purposely remained completely without outside income. I was wondering how this will affect the relationships, feelings, sebeprožívání, self-image and reflection of the outside world. More than a year I lived only from royalties for shamanic work, voluntary contributions to new wealth and the occasional (actually one) royalties for performances in television. What can I say? I chose life. And even though it was one of the most difficult periods of my life, since I was very greatly fallen on the pressures of the outside world, it was also one of the most beautiful and quiet. I feel like I'm in the silence načerpával power and waited for the knowledge that was that life is not about any choice. No either-or. Life is here and now and has infinitely many forms. We are a billion small reflective slides, which mirror our originality. My wife, me, during that year, presented his famous words: "This is my husband and what makes them the best, just that no one here can not appreciate it." But we've looked for it always embarrassed, but she was right. Today I'm doing the same thing I did at home for free, because I was incredibly amused (and still enjoy) just finally found someone who can appreciate it. Do not worry, someone like waiting 'out there' on you.

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March 11, 2014


At the end of "free time" someone always bellows, "Get back to work!"


March 11, 2014


"Look at the birds of the sky: They don't sow or reap or gather into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Aren't you worth more than they?"

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