Money talks!

Canadian currency

There are billions of dollars in this world and every country has currency. These kind of money pictures will attract buyers that are marketing Banks, stock-markets, and anything to do with currency or travel to Canada. Stories are told in the news everyday about currency also. I learned to make sure whoever is holding money in your pictures have nice hands and clean nails. Business people pay attention to details so do not forget the details.

I noticed a lot of pictures of people holding money and the hands in the pictures are a total turn off. I always remember that we only get one chance to make a first impression on a Designer so make sure your money talks a good image for a Bank or Financial Institution to be proud to pick your picture to represent them! This picture is just so very simple, however it was sold 5 times! I am truly shocked! After studying and looking at all the pictures out there though I was really shocked to see how many pictures showcase hands that are not showcased in a way that is professional! I really believe the only reason this picture has sold so many times is because the model has very clean well manicured hands! Clean hands sell pictures!

Photo credits: Project007.

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I agree with you that pictures like this one are very popular and help to sell financial services and products. Moreover, it’s great that today there are many helpful services providing free and quality pictures that users can apply for their blogs, ads, posts, etc. It’s important to remember that a quality picture helps to sell and attracts users’ attention. That’s why I spend so much time choosing pictures for my blog. Anastacia from InstallmentCredits.


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