Monkey King

Monkey King: Fahao Freelander is the major disciples Tang Seng, 72, will change the clouds. A pair of eyes that can see through Jiaomoguiguai camouflage tricks, a Jinzhu up thousands of miles apart can be used weapons wishful Jingubang can big or small, changes in the heart, small embroidery needles to the indomitable spirit. He is king of the Huaguoshan, claiming Monkey King to confuse the flat peach Wangmuniangniang event Touchitaishanglaojun live a long life of Dan Jin, and defeated Suitengumae 100,000 Tianbing days, overrate yourselves battle with some other types of Buddha ancestors, Pressure was the element foot of the mountain 500 years. Later, the Guanyin Buddha modal, protecting Tang Seng Nishi scriptures, Baigujing three attacks, which it can incorporate Gonghaier, Huoyanshan extinguished along conquer devils fighting demon, after Jiujiubashiyi difficult recover Zhenjing final golden. He Jieruchou or difficulty, perseverance, courageous, learn to overcome Dover was called bucket.

Photo credits: Shupian.

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February 26, 2008


Wangmuniangniang & Touchitaishanglaojun, such kind of traditional Chinese words will make foreigners crazy. :)

February 26, 2008


I see your chinese comment. maybe it will be delete later.:)

February 25, 2008


haha。super sofa。
I come to leave footprints。

February 25, 2008


Good, you have many models :)

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