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Hi guys, I am just a bit curious... I would know how many sales do you have on average each month and when they became to increase after you entered in DT. Many thanks.

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March 29, 2010


Hi, I seriously started to upload on January and monthly sales went 1 - 4 - 7. Sales usually come in the beginning and end of each month...

March 29, 2010


i have 107 uploads and 21 sales. first accepted upload in october, 2009 (cca 6 months ago), since then i upload more or less continously. if i started with the 107 pix initially, then a good guess would be 42 sales in the last 6 months (see the logic? :)))
so the (theoretical) answer is 7 sales per month with a slightly more than 100 pictures
not many but i keep on making it better :))

September 10, 2009


for me once i hit 100 uploads i started getting some consistant sales, i havent had that much time to upload as of late but the sales are still coming

September 09, 2009


Hi, check out my blog entries, maybe You'll find something interesting. Greetings

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