In the mood for new year

Well, with reference to the topic, I was never interested. Why?

As much as I am an adult now, just past 21, the real adults like to indulge in their talks, they ask me, my sister and every other child the same questions everywhere.

"what are you doing currently?"

"so any plans?"

Questions repeated in different rephrasings.They never change.

Of course, since the childhood days, collecting red packets was the only thing I looked forward to.

If there is anything that made the occassion more joyous than it was suppose to be, it must be credited to the kids. They bring a common topic to both the young and old. Everyone is wanting their turn to have a little pinch at the little baby or to ask silly questions to tease the 8 year old girl.

They also bring about much subject to shoot. From my aunties cradling the baby or him trying to do a turning dance in full view of the entire family tree present.

Chinese New Year, for goodness sake, I really hope the ''senior'' adults in my age group will ask more forgiving questions that allow for more interaction and at a comfortable level where we can joke. Its new year, don't ask me about my school life!

Ask something NEW please!

Well, these are just my inner feelings and I'm not grudging against them in anyways! haha, happy new year everyone!

Photo credits: Koh Sze Kiat.

Your article must be written in English

February 12, 2008


yes i agree! hehe

February 12, 2008


i guess if you want to do some creative off-shoe lighting then 2 flashes would be useful to increase your room for creativity, espercially with nikon wireless flash system(optical slave).

February 11, 2008


haha i'm unsure, looking at a second flash but asking myself whether do i really need it :D

February 11, 2008


Happy lunar new year to you too!

"Whats lens to planning to buy next?" hahaha

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