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This year the festival fall on September 2011. As most of the chinese/asian people might know. it is one of the most important event of the year after the new year's day. There is a lot of legends behind this tradition. I also don't all of them.

The only that I can say is during this festival, the houses, trees are decorated with the brightly lit lanterns at night under the round and brightest moon creating a special atmosphere of Joyce, happiness and shares.

I remember that time. I was the unique time that all the kids of the neighborhood gathered together secretly and start to built ourself the lantern with the complex bamboo structure to create a start and able to host a candle in the middle without burning. We wrapped the star with the colorful icy transparent paper. Whence it is done all the kid waited patiently the night and paraded proudly showing their production at the neighborhood.

In the meanwhile the parents visited/received guests. They served the tea to the guests and offered them the moon cake packed nicely.

This tradition is strongly remain in the Asian society but nowadays, it start to fade little by little as the world is more and more globalized specially when living in the western country.

Here are my picture contribution for the festival.

Happy Moon cake festival for every one!

Photo credits: , Digikhmer.

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September 06, 2011


Wonderful memories, thanks for sharing.

September 06, 2011


Happy moon festival

September 06, 2011


What a great tradition! ... I want to eat that moon cake in the photo. It looks so delicious!!!

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