Moonrise, noise and NOISE NINJA...

More than 1 year ago, in April 2010 I took a series of rising moon images just out of my window (near the center of Moscow) with 200mm lens. Then I got an idea to stack them to show the moonrise process.

I liked the result but it contained too much noise. Firstly I tried to suppress it with the NEAT IMAGE software but there were too much artefacts after filtering and my image was rejected with the reason "overfiltered". In some months I undertook a second attempt using NOISEWARE PROFESSIONAL. It worked much better but there were still remarkable artefacts and the image was rejected again. Finally, I was advised by Art (Lostarts on DT) to use NOISE NINJA and was surprised how effectively and precisely it works. No noise and no artefacts. So, the image was accepted at DT, at last and I hope for some amount of sales.

So, trying different software for noise supression I can say that NOISE NINJA is for sure the best one. Thank you, NINJA and thank you, Art!

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Great image Igor, and thanks for sharing how you solve the noise problem.


Cheers Igor, I will make some noisy shots and try it out.


Wow, wow... and WOW !!! Stunning photo and incredible concept!! LOVE it !! :)


Igor, my friend, amazing photo! I'm most happy to contribute to your success.


Amazing photo, Igor! Wow...


Brett, I still have not time to learn all the settings. But if you use default it's VERY simple and gives very good result.


I have it but never used it, sounds good. Is it simple to use? the plugin for cs5 I have looks complicated but as I say not tried to figure it out yet. I'll put it on the same "things to work out how to use properly" list as I did my Bamboo tablet.




Awesome pic! Thanks for the advice.


Thanks for sharing!


Cooooool photo :)

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