Moravia -Unknown Gem In the Middle of Europe

The last 2 weeks of August, are always a challenge for parents with young children.

No more summer activities, you need to find a solution. As grandparents grow tired of babysitting, the exhausted parents have to decide how to spend the forced vacation during these days.

Czech Republic- Moravian landscape7

We have found the going abroad from Israel, if planned in advance is much cheaper than staying at home and go on daily activities around the country. The weather is forbiddingly hot, the prices are outrages and everywhere parents like us are standing in line in very crowded attractions..

Czech Republic - Moravian landscape8

This year we have chosen to go to the Czech Republic

Czech Republic- Moravia -Telc` old town10

Once that decision was made and tickets reserved. It was time to find housings.

Czech Republic- Moravia - Znojmo cathedral 3 is a great tool to find apartments around the country.

Czech Republic- Moravia -Telc` old town2

The key is to filter search results by two factors: price range per night and guests rating above 9 (out of 10).

Czech Republic - Moravia - Vohancice fields 4

This has led us to Moravia in the southern part of the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic is composed of two regions Bohemia -The northern part of the country and Moravia - the southern part of the country.

Most of the foreigners who arrive at the country stay in Bohemia. This leaves Moravia intact and authentic to document.The trip was composed of daily excursions to small ancient towns, old castles and villages with more wineries than houses.

Czech Republic- Moravia -Lednice Castle Park 4

Prices are low if you plan in advance, and find restaurants on the net. The information is very easy to locate.

No one speaks English, and yet you manage to get around, to order food and to enter to the attractions.

The scenery is hilly, vegetation islush green forests and lots of yellow dry wheat and corn fields.

Czech Republic- Moravia -Vohancice Forest

Small villages and narrow winding roads.In the southern area there are a lot of vineyards and small lakes and ponds.

Czech Republic-Znojmo castle panorama

The weather is excellent, middle- low 20 C and partly cloudy skies. It can rain, but it didn't affect us at all.

We had wonderful 10 days. and I hope the pictures will convince you too to go there and enjoy the area.

Czech Republic- Moravia -Brno

P.S.The kids had an amazing time, no screens for 10 days and all this beauty has done them wonders.

Photo credits: Amitai.

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September 30, 2018


Nice article, my favorit part of Czech Republic is Moravia! The pretty towns, the vineyards, the cuisine! You've got to love it all!

September 24, 2018


Thanks for the travel journal and photos! Love the shot of the homes upon the hill above the river.

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