More concern about the number of downloaded images..

I am more concern about the number of downloaded images.

I would be more happy if 10 online images have 1 sale each than only one image with 10 sales..

If your all online images got atleast one sale meaning you are excellent! but I think this is impossible. right?

For me only 14 out of 61 images i.e 23% of my online images got atleast one sale.

What about you? Anyone more than 80%? I would like to see your portfolio and follow your footsteps. :)

Just share with you my current online picture:


Photo credits: Annie Su Yee Yek.
Annie Su Yee Yek
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  • Annieyek
  • Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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Well out of my 102 images, 75 of them are download more than once. I upload images after studying those images if it will sell or no. I spend little time and do some research before uploading. The images which is not downloaded yet are those images uploaded long ago or very recently.


I have 78% of my illustrations being downloaded at least once. [477 out of 609 illustrations]


I would he happy with either scenario because at least you are generating sales. That said, I believe the larger the portfolio greater the likelihood of future sales as you are presenting to a wider buyer audience and give more options to prospective buyers.


Feel free to check out my stuff. Don't know if it will help, but I seem to be earning a good deal of spending money through this site.

One piece of advice though would be volume. The more work you have, the more likely a prospect will meander through your entire portfolio -- whether the photos are relevant or not to their original search.

Also, if you become friends (or simply network) with designers and companies who use stock, I highly recommend passing them biz cards with a link to your portfolio on here.

Best of luck! =)



I upload on average 22 new files every month and at the moment I've sold 296 images (of 354 files online) at least one time. So, it is 83%. But I think this is not so important (and, in my case, with a so small portfolio, not an interesting statistic). I'm trying to upload more and more images.
Then, if I had to choose between 1000up and 500dls and 100up and 400dls, I'd choose the first. This is my opinion.

Your castle is very nice!!


The only way to get more sales than uploads is to upload fewer pictures than you sell each month... I'd rather have a lower ratio and be uploading a lot. Eventually you just won't be able to keep ahead any more and the sales will catch up to the uploads. The other option is to just stop uploading - then the sales will pass the uploads (but your portfolio isn't also growing). That said, from a time invested perspective I'd rather have 1 image with 10 sales than 10 images with 1 sale each.


I'm not sure if I'm really representable since my portfolio is small. I have about 70% of my photos being downloaded at least once. But I wouldn't worry too much about the numbers too much yet since your portfolio size is rather small at this moment. The larger the portfolio and the longer it's been online, the more downloads you will receive. I hope that helps.