More Home Medical Ideas....

Here are a few more ideas for the medical professional assignment that can be done in the home setting.

1. In the small rural area I live in some local doctors still make home visits. Have a Doctor seeing your patient, remember patients can be any age).

2. Midwifes also still go to the home.

3. I mentioned Physical therapist before, there are also occupational therapists who work with help clients gain independenc through being independent in the activities of daily living.

4. Nutritionist, social worker, sitting at table or in living room with clipboard (ect...), going over paperwork and asking client questions. Discussion between patient, caregivers, and healthcare provider.

5. Healthcare provider showing a DVD or show client information on computer.

6. Healthcare provider with client.... on phone with MD.

I hope these ideas have sparked some ideas for you that you can submit for the current assignment!

Photo credits: Ami Beyer, Alexander Raths, Pamela Trivette, Photoking, Showface, Stuart Miles.

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