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With a bit of free time from professional jobs as my next assignment, a theater ballet/dance production, (see my theater images) my professional photography site isn't for another 3 weeks, I'm attacking a backlog of photos I've shot around the world during the past year or so. Keeps me very busy and brings back wonderful memories of the places, faces and culinary delights. My photos are now appearing not only inside many, many travel books but also, very proudly I'll say, on front covers of such noted travel guides such as Lonely Planet, World Nations and others.

My travel photo blog filled with photos and tales of adventure in less visited locales is attracting worldwide readers on a daily basis and I plan on morphing this endeavor into a writing job for some type of periodical, local or national where I might even get paid to write! What a grand idea!!

Ok, back to editing photos from The Greek Island, Nicaragua, Latvia, Serbia, Montenegro, Paris, Madrid, various Caribbean Islands, Marseilles, Cinque Terra, Monaco, The French Riviera and more and more. It's a tough life! *~) Photo below: Belgrade, Serbia

Editorial fountain Knez Mihailova St. Belgrade Serbia

Photo credits: Robert Lerich.

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May 03, 2016


Thanks, Picstudio. It was a bit of a toughy as my pro Olympus omd-em1 broke a few days before I arrived in Belgrade, where the included photo was shot. Always have a back up but without the quality of the Olympus or my some times carried Nikon big boy.

May 03, 2016


In my adulthood,photos taken for sales. In my youth, shot photos for enjoyment and memories. Have been selling for almost 20 years now.

May 03, 2016


That's a goog topic, I'd like to ask you, when you travelled, did you have in mind to take photos for selling, or just taking pictures that you liked, and then trying to sell them?

May 01, 2016


Beautiful pic.

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