More results and a thank you to DT

This month has seen a few minor milestones for me and I would like to shares these with you.

I have found the last 9 months on here has taught me so much about photography, microstock and where I want to go with the whole thing. This month I have had my 400th picture accepted which is actually quite a big milestone as it seemed a million miles away when in my first month of trying I got pretty much everything rejected. I like many mainly took holiday photo's, landscapes etc, just general pictures of average quality. Since being here I really have seen and appreciate the importance of trying to achieve high quality images. Just getting stuff on here at the start seems so hard but if you stick at it, learn from your mistakes, strive to improve, try new things and keep at it then the whole process does become much easier.

Yes I have a very basic portfolio still but it does give me ideas on where I want to go. I have quite recently started photographing people and pets and found I do quite enjoy it. From time on here I see that these types of images tend to sell well if they are of a very good standard. This brings me onto another milestone, this month I have cashed out $500 from DT (thank you very much DT) and spent it all today on my photography. I have bought a few things to help me out, 1. a Wacom Bamboo after reading a thread on here, 2. Some studio lighting gear, 3. various diffusers and a range of photographic light reflectors, 4. photographic background support with a white and black muslin backdrops, 5. A few books and some software. All in all will give me lots of room to try and further my experience in portrait photography and could be an additional source of income from photography.

From throwing the towel in when I first had all my first rejections to now where I'm loving what I'm doing and enjoying the ride. Who knows where it will take me. I know in the eyes of the stock world I'm not at all successful yet and the tiniest blimp on the stock world ladder but hey I feel proud of everyone of my 350+ sales and see this as just the starting block for better and bigger. One day Yuri may work for me ;-) Anyhows you have to dream sometimes but I hope you all stick around and enjoy the ride with me.

Again thank you to DT for the platform on which we all can learn, share and grow. It's a great place to be :-)

All the best,

Brett, UK.

Photo credits: Brett Critchley.

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September 19, 2011


Good reading and a pep talk for a newcomer. I really think you have come a long way and your story is exactly what I'm hoping to achieve. You clearly have a talent and as I almost just started on my journey I can only hope to come out with a similar story - all though I have a feeling you knew how to handle a camera before going in to stockphoto buisness. No crap or sucking up - I think your portfolio is great and you are the first on my favorites list.

February 18, 2011


from someone awaiting my first sale BIG congrats and one day i wana be like you lol thanks for the inspiration

January 28, 2011


You have a very good portfolio.!Compliments

January 23, 2011


Thanks everyone. I have now had chance to use the new equipment this weekend photographing a huge Alaskan Malamute. Some nice results a will get a few on here this week to share :-) Thanks again :-)

Brett, UK.

January 21, 2011


Fantastic results! Congrats!

January 21, 2011


I can sure identify with the highs and lows of starting out at basically ground zero and having to learn the hard way! I am glad it is turning out so well for you, Brett, and wish you many more happy milestones.

January 21, 2011


Really good results! You have much purchased useful for so short term.)

January 21, 2011


Great news Brett - hope you enjoy the wacom, it did wonders for me once I got to grips with it. It's lovely getting paid for doing something you enjoy. And I hope, in terms of sales, that your Jan at DT has started off as well as mine has thus giving you many more payments in 2011!

January 21, 2011


Congrats! You have a great portfolio! What a cute baby girl.... :)))

January 21, 2011


Congratulations on your various successes and good luck with your new equipment.
Very cute baby shots.

January 21, 2011


You have a very good portfolio. I wish you a lot of good shots and fresh ideas!

January 20, 2011


I wish you the very best with your continued sales. With the new studio equipment; you are entering a new learning curve that will also result in a few more rejections. With your great attitude, you will learn from them and multiply your portfolio.

I started shooting products a couple weeks ago; a bit boring but I have had good subscription sales from these products. Not running to the bank with a bag full of money but the sales are a confindence builder and all the change helps.

January 20, 2011


Congratulations... Enjoy your new equipment... You have great images.

January 20, 2011


Such a beautiful series of a lovely baby! Wish you good luck.

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