More than three months on DT

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Time was so fast unexpectedly, already more than three

months on DT for me. DT has already been an important

part in my network life now.

In my own units, I often take advantage of his spare time

to the nearby office to see "My profile":) This is perhaps the charm of the DT.

Certainly, I care about the sale of my picture very much.

I am approved and feel happy and happy for my own works.

I can't forget first that picture downloaded of mine....

In addition, I learnt a lot of things from DT in more than

three months.I have got much harvest on the marketing experience written from our editor, I have learnt much

knowledge and tactics from numerous DT Old hand.I am

very glad to make a lot of friends here too.

In a word, I have come to DT very luckily.

© Linqong ( Help)
© Linqong ( Help)

Photo credits: Linqong.

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March 06, 2008



March 06, 2008


You are welcome Linqong!! Great site.

March 06, 2008


Thanks, my friends!!!

March 05, 2008


5 months for me.:)

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