More than three months on DT

Time was so fast unexpectedly, already more than three

months on DT for me. DT has already been an important

part in my network life now.

In my own units, I often take advantage of his spare time

to the nearby office to see "My profile":) This is perhaps the charm of the DT.

Certainly, I care about the sale of my picture very much.

I am approved and feel happy and happy for my own works.

I can't forget first that picture downloaded of mine....

In addition, I learnt a lot of things from DT in more than

three months.I have got much harvest on the marketing experience written from our editor, I have learnt much

knowledge and tactics from numerous DT Old hand.I am

very glad to make a lot of friends here too.

In a word, I have come to DT very luckily.

Photo credits: Linqong.

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You are welcome Linqong!! Great site.


Thanks, my friends!!!


yeah!it's very amusing all this business!!


5 months for me.:)

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